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Black Friday Sale 60% Off on All Products

The Dreamhack XP-erience

The Dreamhack XP-erience

What would happen if you got the biggest gaming audio brand in India to feature at the biggest gaming convention in India? You get 3 days of unlimited fun, a cool lineup of activities and a series of experiences guaranteed to stay with you forever.

If you have still have no context, (Don’t know how you missed the Banner and Title) Wings was at Dreamhack and for those who missed out on attending, here’s a recap to ensure what you can look forward to next year. 

Wings always has upped the ante for gamers and coming to Dreamhack was a big deal for us. It was a chance for us to interact with our audience IRL. To see what they want and what really clicks. It wasn’t purely business though. The main idea was to give the gamers something fresh and something they can take back from the event.

It goes without saying that the Wings Booth had to be an extension of the brand itself and our event team really outdid themselves with this brand activation. The booth oozed swag and style without crossing the line of edgy for the sake of being edgy. The design elements, the lighting and the look and feel was very Wings. The booth really made a statement without saying anything and very perfectly personified the Wings brand.

The booth was spacious and looked sick. It incorporated in-game designs and neon streamer-like lighting to make all the gamers feel at home while adding to the design  . This made it perfect for content creators and anyone, to shoot reels and pics to show off on their socials.

Spin your head right round, right round.

We wanted to make sure that everyone who attended Dreamhack had a platform to showcase their unique sense of flair and record it in its entirety. At the event, the 360-degree camera was a huge hit, and as a result, a significant number of people stopped by to check it out. At Dreamhack, it quickly became an activity that everyone, from regular attendees to cosplayers and influencers, felt compelled to participate in.

Fun for all, all for fun

Our creators were the belle of the ball at Dreamhack. We had planned giveaways for the attendees at Dreamhack but not without a little twist. Each creator hosted these mini talent competitions wherein people performed for a shot at one of the Phantoms and some Wings Merch. They ensured the booth was always lively and the experience wasn’t stale.
The booth also acted as a place for an impromptu meet and greet for all the fans who wanted to meet the creators. It was great to see fans talk to their favourite streamers, most of them took selfies and some of them shot reels. It was endearing to see this happen on our turf and reminded us of who we’re doing this for, the gamers in India.

Walk the walk, Talk the talk

The booth had our Wings bestsellers on display amongst the rest of the attractions. Anyone could come and see why they were the bestsellers in our lot as people could try on the earbuds. The products were displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way to match the hype and power behind these products. The creators and attendees had the opportunity to try out our products and get to see first-hand why we’re India’s leading gaming audio brand. We found that our products really connected with gamers. It was an amazing moment to see that we’re truly in touch with our core audience and to see proof that our work has some on ground results.

Dreamhack was an amazing experience that we cherished and we got to learn so much as well. We met Esports teams there. We watched tournaments and we even participated in a bunch of activities. Dreamhack was a testament to how big the gaming scene is. It was a blast to see the real impact that gaming can have and how much it brings people together. We look forward to seeing you all, till then GG’s all around.