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Technical Specification

Name :
Phantom 110
Product Details
Bluetooth Version: V5.3
Impedance: 32Ω
Range: 10 metres
Play Time: About 20 Hours
Talk Time: About 15 Hours
Standby Time: About 150 Hours
Speaker Size: 13mm
Product Weight: 32g
Rated Input: 5V/1A
Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz
Charging Time: Approx 45mins to Full charge

Customer Reviews

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What is the gaming mode on the Phantom 110?
The Gaming Mode is a mode where the latency of the earphones drops to 50 ms for no lag in your audio.
How to skip songs on the Phantom 110?
To skip to the next song, press the ‘+’ button for 2 secs. To go back to the previous song, press the ‘-’ button for 2 secs.
How long can I use the Phantom 110 until charge is required?
The Phantom 110 has a total playtime of 20 hours when fully charged.
Does the Phantom 110 connect to Windows as well as IOS?
Yes, since the Phantom 110 uses Bluetooth 5.3 technology, it connects to Windows, IOS and Android devices.
Can I answer an incoming call while playing a game?
Yes, you can. To answer a call, press the Multifunction button on the neckband to pick up the call.
How good is it to use while working out?
The Phantom 110 is a great neckband to use during your workouts as it has IPX5 water and sweat resistance technology and its ergonomic design doesn’t allow it to fall off your neck.
Can I charge my neckband with any charger?
No. It is advised that the adapter you use is a 5V/1A adapter to avoid any harm to the neckband, hence that it can last longer.
How is the bass quality on this neckband?
The bass is fantastic on the Phantom 110 neckband as it uses 13 mm drivers and also has a dedicated bass boost mode for gorgeous audio quality and booming bass effects.
How far is the neckband range?
The Phantom 110 has a great range of 10 metres, so it remains connected in this area.
Can I use these earphones for making calls?
Yes, you can. The Phantom 110 has an Environmental Noise Cancellation so that your voice remains clear to the receiver. To receive a call, press the multifunction button on the neckband for 2 seconds to receive the call.