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5 Non Gamer Hacks

5 Non Gamer Hacks

The ideal gaming experience. We all have a different idea of the optimum gaming scenario. While some things stay as constant wants for us gamers like the most jacked PC/Mobile capable of handling any game. However there are some requirements for a gamer each suited to their specific needs which creates their own unique world of gamer utopia.   Maybe it’s the perfect keyboard/mouse, no external distractions (Chores screamed from your mom from the other room), the perfect team with a balance of no toxicity and amazing synergy or a simpler wish of just having a lag free game.

The ideal gaming scenario is a mirage, a dream for many gamers. However one can reach that state of gaming in small ways, tiny tips and tricks which add on to the overall experience in their own ways. Here are a few to get you started on your journey towards the oasis that is the ideal gaming experience.

Power is your priority

Now this advice is mostly for mobile phone gamers. Invest in a power-bank, Think of it as a reload for when you're in need. It gives you longer hours of gaming instantly. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding a suitable plug point all the time. It’s an instant power up for your performance and you wouldn’t need to worry about the battery dying out on you.

Second, and this won't cost you anything, put your phone in aeroplane mode while you game. It's a great smartphone lifehack in general, forget mobile game life hacks. A mobile phone's battery life can be greatly extended by putting it in aeroplane mode, and many modern phones also let you use Wi-Fi while they are on. Additionally, did you know that charging your phone while in aeroplane mode will accelerate charging significantly? You're welcome.

Clear out the Junk

Most devices are capable of multitasking. When it is possible to run numerous programmes simultaneously, it is not advisable to do so while gaming. Even if you have the best gaming phone available on the market, it’s not in your best interest to have unnecessary clutter as it may be fatal in game. There are chances of the game slowing down on you at a pivotal moment in the game. Why risk it?

Mobile games that are graphically demanding, like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battleground, and others, require a lot of RAM and processing power to generate visuals. Before playing these games, you should close any background apps on a phone with less RAM. Clearing background apps before you start playing is a good idea because even high-end phones can stutter when playing high-quality games.

Simply press the multi-window symbol at the bottom of the screen and tap the clear apps icon to remove all background apps from an Android phone. Depending on the model, this might change. On an iPhone or iPad, double-tap the home button or (for iPhone X series models) swipe up to the right, then swipe the applications up to manually close them.

Sound input = Visual input

People often underestimate the importance of good audio cues. In a survey conducted by the Journal “Science Communication”, people really distrusted any video with bad audio whereas they found the opposite results when they made the audio better whereas the video quality dropped.

Games are the same way. Good audio quality either makes or breaks the game. Which is why it is very important for you to invest in a great pair of earbuds or headphones.

You'll be shocked at how beneficial earbuds can be while gaming if you have a pair. The speaker on your phone frequently mutes in-game features like footsteps and vehicle noises. No feeling of direction is provided to you. Particularly when playing action games like Fortnite and PlayersUnknown's Battleground, these minor factors can make a big difference in your ability to succeed. With earphones, players can hear every detail, determine the location of the enemy, and better communicate verbally with their teammates to win games.

Additionally, earphones are portable, allowing you to take them everywhere and play games more effectively even when travelling or in bed. It won't cause any disturbance to those around you, so everyone benefits.

Even more importantly, a gamer should get Gaming earbuds as they would cater certain features which push your play to the next level. Like the Wings Phantom 260 or Phantom 550. They have their own dedicated Gaming mode to decrease your latency to 40ms.

Which brings us to

Posture makes man perfect

Posture is such a vital part of maintaining your lifestyle in a healthy way. It’s overlooked a lot of the time, ergo invest in ERGOnomics (Geddit?) (Ok, sorry)

No, however you should really think about purchasing a high-quality gaming chair that offers you the highest level of comfort. Even though you might not notice the difference right away, your spine will be grateful to you for paying attention to and making adjustments to your ergonomics and posture.

More importantly, the gamer chair buff is real. So you’ll be reaping those benefits.

Here are some good studies and starters on ergonomics.,body%20type%20and%20provide%20support.

Organise your wires

All you PC gamers know this and yet so many of you won’t take the time out to do it. Assembling your wires and tying them with zip ties is a great life saver when it comes to cleaning your PC. It makes your wire management much easier and it actually helps decrease the chances of a random wire having a loose connection mid game.

The other tip is to cover them with split loom tubes. This is a helpful tip aimed at pet-owning gamers however it can help those of y’all with younger siblings who are overtly curious and intrusive . You've probably all had a pet chew on your cords, whether it was a dog, cat, bunny, iguana, or perhaps another animal.


The expense of replacing those cables might be high, and your pet won't even eat it. Purchasing split loom tubes from your neighbourhood hardware shop is an easy method to completely avoid this problem. They shield your cables from all of those chewy creatures, plus it's quite affordable.


There may be a few of you who have heard of Aimlabs and for those who haven’t, it’s pretty much what the name suggests. A software on which you can practice your aim. IT’s pretty stacked and amazing given that it’s free (for now). It has so many avenues for one to improve upon. You can practice your Reflexes, your burst speed, your micro shots, your movement aim, your sniper/long range aim, flicks, your spray transfers and so much that you didn’t even know you could work on. Aimlabs has collaborated with Valorant and CS to have guns and map trainers specific to the game which can do wonders if you wanted to practice in a familiar environment.

Aimlabs is a pretty good software even though it’s in its beta version. Kovacs is another option you could use which has better features and a sturdier UI. It is a paid software tho.

If you mobile users feel left out, well we’re here to show you 3D Aim Trainer. It’s basically Aimlabs for mobile. Similar features to train your aim and work on your game.

Now using hacks is pretty stupid and if you’re a person who does use hacks, why?????

Anyway hackers aside, these are 5 of the best hacks that you can use and aren't hurting anybody. Here’s hoping you rack up kills with ease using these hacks.

GG and Keep playing!!