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Choose the best TWS earbuds according to your personality

Which Wings Earbud Persona Are You?

They say music is the universal language of the soul. But let's be real - not all music lovers are created equal. Just like there's an array of genres from hip-hop to classical, there's a whole range of audio obsessives out there. That's why at Wings, we've carefully crafted not one, but three wireless earbuds models to speak to the different musical spirits among us.

If You're an Audiophile (Phantom 340)

You're the person who can detect the slightest change in EQ balance from across the room. For music purists like you, only the best noise cancelling earbuds will do - which is why the Phantom 340 was designed to be an audiophile's dream come true.

Powered by 13mm hi-fi drivers and best-in-class noise cancellation, these wireless earphones deliver a stunningly rich and textured soundstage. The adjustable EQ lets you tweak the sound to perfection no matter what you're listening to. But the Phantom 340 doesn't just sound incredible - it lasts too, with up to 50 hours of total playtime. So you can listen to TTDP on repeat for hours or listen to Kendrick’s new diss (Team Kendrick all the way)

If You're a Gamer (Phantom 850)

For gamers, audio means everything from pinpointing enemy footsteps to trashtalking your friends between battles. You need total immersion, hair-trigger responsiveness, and clear communication. Enter the Phantom 850 - built from the ground up to be a gamer's ultimate wireless earbuds.

The dedicated low-latency game mode with 40ms response time ensures your sound syncs up perfectly to the on-screen action. The quad-mic ENC array lets your squad mates hear you with perfect clarity, even amid epic frags. The unique split screen case design lets you set the exact vibe for those marathon gaming sessions.

With water-resistance, all-day battery life, and instant Bluetooth pairing, the Phantom 850 is built to never slow you down whether you're grinding ranked or just chilling, swinging in the streets of NY as Spidey. 

If You're a Jack-of-All-Trades (Hypebuds 225)

Maybe you're a little audio omnivore - one day you're a purist savoring every note of a vinyl remix, the next you're a gamer trash-talking your way to victory, and the day after you're a fitness freak powering through tough workouts. You need versatile wireless earbuds to keep up with your ever-changing vibe.

The sleek yet affordable Hypebuds 225 are your answer. Everyone would love the design of the Hypebuds 225, owing to the clean, minimalist look. The Hypebuds 225 have got you covered no matter what. These are sleek buds with killer sound quality driven by 13mm hi-fi drivers. With smart ENC for clear calls and a gaming mode for lag-free audio/video sync, they're always ready to seamlessly transition from work hustle to post work Lo-fi beats immediately.

With up to 40 hours of total battery life and wireless charging, the Hypebuds 225 can keep up with your day...and night...and next day. Highly capable, highly versatile - just like you. The durable IPX5 water resistance can shrug off sweat during workouts. If you're looking for a earbud that looks great, sounds amaze and can keep with your flexible lifestyle, the Hypebuds 225 are the one for you.


No matter which audio persona you are, we've got an earbud built to elevate your sound experience. Unlock your audio bliss and find your perfect audio partner today.