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5 tips to become a pro at CODM

5 tips to become a pro at CODM

We all aspire to climb the ranks. Gamers often reach a plateau and don't know how to advance. Repeatedly playing games will lead to fatigue, rage quits, and dissatisfaction in the game.

When you know the goal and don’t know how to get there, it can be frustrating. Maybe you’re great at the game however you’re missing the mark in a few areas. This article is to combat your anxieties and relieve some of the issues you have on your journey to Legendary or Grand Master

Record your gameplay

This method benefits both experts and beginners. You also improve your placement and understanding of where you're going right and wrong.

Recording and analysing your gameplay can reveal your aim. You can see your aim and how to bring it on-point. If you shoot too high, your aim will be wrong, and this will help you determine your optimal sensitivity.

The other reason you can record your gameplay is to feel like a streamer. Yea no joke. If you’re hoping to become a pro player, it can work as good practice as well. Brace yourself however on listening to your own voice for a bit.


Take the fight to the enemy

In competitive video games such as Frontline and Team Deathmatch, you should always try to take the fight directly to your opponents. Staying at the back of the pack could result in you being completely removed from the action while the rest of your squad is engaged in combat.

Find those strategic points on the maps and make yourself the dominant force there to choke your opponent.

Smoke Em Out:

Many gamers ignore smoke grenades. Smoke is a game-changing tool in CODM (and other games). If the enemy has you encircled or there's a sniper in a building you can't get past, throw a smoke grenade through the window. You can use smoke to hide from a respawned, unstoppable adversary.

It's particularly handy in Domination Game Mode because it hides you from your opponent.

Smoke Grenades can clutch up matches in the right hands and when used in the right time.

Switch to pistol

Switching to pistol is a pro move anyday. It’s a skill for gamers a little above the intermediate level to start to master, as the split second difference between changing to your secondary weapon and reloading your primary makes all the difference.

The Renetti is a great close-quarters sidearm that can kill like a rifle. Switching to a handgun instead of reloading is often faster.

It's great for Nuketown's chaotic centre. However, keep in mind that the suppressor reduces the weapon's range. Going to the Gunsmith can improve the weapon's effectiveness. 

Pick the loadout for the map and the team:

See everyone wants to have the ideal squad. However we all know that in online multiplayer games, the squad is always a gamble. It’s best to be all-rounded yourself to make sure you as a gamer are flexible enough to match up on any map and maybe fill for the team. If you stick only one gun, or play only on certain maps, your confidence obviously drops on other maps and when given other guns.

Change up your loadout to accommodate both the map and the rest of your squad. If everyone on your team has a sniper rifle but you're playing Nuketown, you're either going to struggle or just grow bored. Be willing to make adjustments in order to get the most out of your team. 

What are you waiting for? Get going to try out the tips and tricks in game.