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Game Releases To Look Out For This Year - PC

Game Releases To Look Out For This Year - PC

2022 has been a fantastic year for gamers all round the world, especially PCs.  So many great releases like God of War- PC, Dying Light 2, and who can forget the industry revolutionising and possible best game ever made, Stray. With a year packed with a multitude of games, there’s still a lot more coming our way. The hype is real. Here are a few more games which we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Overwatch 2- Oct 6TH 2022

At the time of writing this blog, it hasn’t come out yet. It’s the closest one to come out yet, and maybe even the most anticipated, one could say. This game was announced on November 1, 2019 at Blizzcon and we can safely assume it has been in the making way before that as well.

Overwatch 2 has been in development for a while, but early access is now available. As player-versus-environment (PvE) isn't due until 2023, this will only contain PvP. Blizzard's team-based first-person shooter will feature colourful heroes and villains, plenty of opportunity to hone your role on the battlefield, and a seasonal approach to content, with new maps, heroes, game modes, and more introduced periodically.

Blizzard's hero-focused team shooter is updated. Overwatch 2 will have new characters and a mode where a robot carries your payload. Overwatch players may finally play the chuffin' objective, but we predict they'll ignore it.

The story-oriented Player vs. Environment (PvE) missions in Overwatch 2 focus on progressing the game's main storyline, while the hero-focused PvE missions allow you to hone your hero's abilities using the Overwatch 2 talent system.

Gotham Knights- 21 October 2022

Gotham Knights is an all-new open-world game set in the Gotham City universe in which you take command of Batgirl, Robin, the Red Hood, and Nightwing as they form an alliance in the wake of Batman's death. Hence, judging from the looks and feel of the trailer, it seems like it’ll be an ARPG (action role-playing game). As stated, you can choose from the 4 characters in multiple ways, each with their own special set of skills. The Justice League has a satellite that Robin may use to teleport. Even while Gotham Knights may be played single-player, it also has a drop-in/drop-out co-op option for two players. While playing in co-op, you can level up your character, but so can the foes. The Batcycle is just one of many vehicles available for use in Gotham City.

The city is in peril as supervillains proliferate and crime rates soar out of control; only a quartet of vigilantes, decked out in high-tech weapons and flashy garb, can stop them.

Just remember, it's all about the Bat-family.

Suicide Squad: Kill the justice league- Early 2023

Speaking of the Batman, DC and Rocksteady are coming out with another high expectations, totally raised the bar with the trailer type of game; Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. They have already raised the bar in their take on The Batman with their Arkham Series and now After years of speculation, we now know they were hard at work on this game. Despite our reservations, we're keeping our cool because Rocksteady has proven itself worthy of the Batman franchise. Suicide Squad's reveal provides few specifics, but it’s fine. Sometimes more is less, especially in terms of hype.

We just hope it wasn’t the travesty that the Suicide Squad 2016 film was and more like the Suicide Squad 2021 movie, but we’re sure Rocksteady won’t mess it up that much.

Or atleast we hope.

Either way, Suicide Squad will be out, Summer 2023

Spider-Man: Miles Morales- Nov/Dec 2022

Staying on the same track of superheroes, and a slight detour to the Marvel world of comic book characters, we come to Spider-Man: Miles Morales. After the spectacular success that was Marvel’s Spider-Man, just as a Playstation Exclusive. Fans were eager to play the expansive game on their PCs and with that release also going amazing, Gamers are eager to play as the Spidey of Harlem and Venom-Strike our way into the game.

Now the game, much like the PC release, is unchanged from the PlayStation Version. It has the ultimate swinging mechanics, the superior free flow combat and the enthralling story and world building to thwip you off your feet. 

The minimum system requirements are on the lower end, which means that most people with a recent GPU will be able to run the game on the lower settings. So mask up and have your quips ready as the game is coming to stores in the later end of 2022.

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2- 28th October 2022
Call of Duty, Activision's blockbuster franchise, is back for the holidays just like it always is. Different from the game of the same name released in 2009, Modern Warfare 2 ushers in a new era for the series with its revamped gunplay, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and plethora of visual improvements. Behind the hoopla is a triple threat of material, including a cinematic single-player campaign, co-op Special Ops experience, and the multiplayer suite that keeps Call of Duty going strong until the next game in the series arrives.

This is Modern Warfare 2, once more, same as before. Favourite characters from previous Call of Duties games, such as Soap, Captain Price, and that guy with the skull face, are back for this modern reimagining of a fan favourite mission.

Warzone 2- 16 th November 2022

According to various rumours, the developer Activision Blizzard is working on a sequel to their popular battle royale video game. According to what we have learned up until this point, it will be an entirely new game, which means that you will have to leave your greatest Warzone loadout behind when you play it.

Right now we only know of one map which is confirmed, Al Mazrah. An expansive map with dynamic entry points and all new points of interest. The map also comes with the brand new type of combat, water combat and swimming!

The water terrain is a welcome addition and it seems to be an intriguing place for combat, along with the brand new vehicles like the UTV, Light Tank, Heavy Chopper, and Rigid Inflatable Boat just to name a few.

There's also a new addition to mix up how you can upgrade your equipment. The game mechanic they’re adding is a shop of weapons and equipment, called …wait-for-it…”The Shop”.

Yep, creative, I know. It is exactly what it sounds like.

Warzone 2 is going to be a fresh breath of air for seasoned veterans of the game, while keeping the things that made it a great battle royale experience.

Prince of Persia Sands of Time- 2023

The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake  was first scheduled to be released in 2021 when it was announced in 2020. However, this date was pushed back to 2022 and then to 2023. It happened again today when Ubisoft said that the company is "no longer aiming for a Financial Year 23 release."

The announcement from Ubisoft was in response to speculations that the project had been scrapped. These rumours were stoked by claims that Amazon and Gamestop had ceased taking preorders for the game and had even delisted it for several platforms. Clearly, The Sands of Time Remake has been having a lot of trouble.

With all this pushback going on. It makes the game even more tantalising to get. The game is kind of a semi cash grab and we all know it. The only reason we all want it though, is the pure uncut hit of nostalgia that it’ll give us while upping its graphics and slightly improving the already perfect mechanics.

To top it all off, the game also comes with the original 1989 Prince of Persia. Yep, the one that started it all. The OG pixel adventure games.

So get ready to relive the world of the Prince of Persia by turning back in time, the fabulous wall running and parkour mechanics and finally the story.

While the pandemic did stutter the production and releases of games. Gamers around the world can enjoy a furious onslaught of games across genres. There are so many games to come other than the ones we’ve mentioned that we're in a state of confusion as to which game to start first, which game should we buy when and will we finish the game before buying? So many questions, yet so much excitement.

The horizon seems to be full of light as the dawn approaches.


Here’s a cookie if you got that reference.

It seems like it’s going to be a great year for gamers galore. After the wait ends and the game begins, it’s time for GG’s all around.