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Pocket Friendly Gaming Earphones to buy this month

Pocket Friendly Gaming Earphones to buy this month

Best Gaming earphones under 2000 

The gaming industry has seen a great incline of potential and success in recent years. From the boom of PUBG mobile to the rise of PC games such as VALORANT, the gaming scene has never been stagnant.

With all of this happening, enhancement in tech, as well as infrastructure surrounding gaming has developed. All of India wants to game with the best equipment and not settle for anything less. For games, there’s nothing more integral to the experience than the audio. On multiple studies conducted, people prefer good quality audio and meh quality video over bad audio and good video.

Good quality earphones are key to the immersion of the game as video is something you can see and maybe connect with, but the audio transports you to that world. 

Gaming earphones can be found throughout the market galore. They’re everywhere and you can find multiple brands and numerous options for the same. However, just adding gaming in the title won’t make them gaming earbuds. There needs to be certain features and some thought behind the process of making it, keeping the gamers in mind. 

In this blog post, let's look at 3 gaming earbuds made to indulge your gaming inclinations and won’t be hard on your wallet either. 

Phantom 500 

Up first, we have the Phantom 500. These earpods are a lifesaver to the latency problem faced by many bluetooth TWS earphones. They come with the Gaming Mode feature like many Wings bluetooth headsets, which decreases the latency to an industry low of 40 ms, thereby transforming the earpods to a lag-deprived powerful headset to watch out for. 

Not just that, the earbuds come power packed with upto 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, and along with the charging case you’d have a whopping 30 hours of gameplay in store for you. Now we may be pushing the title a lil bit, but it is under ₹2000 as it is ₹1999 but it’s worth the price in terms of functionality. 

The normal Flipkart and Amazon prices are ₹1999 however, 

The Big Billion days and The Great Indian Festival Sale price is ₹999 

Phantom Pro 

The Phantom Pro are the earphones made for those gamers who play for hours upon hours on their gaming nights racking up kills and shattering records, as these earbuds come with a total playtime of upto 40 hours.The MEMS mic used by Wings relieves the user of having to give callouts or repeat themselves more than once. 

The Wings Phantom Pro is ₹1699 on the Wings website, Amazon, Flipkart as well as Myntra. 

The Big Billion Days Offer is ₹999

The Great Indian Festival Sale Offer is ₹999 as well. 

Phantom 250

Now the Phantom 250 is a strong contender in this list. The Phantom 250 is for those gamers who are a little tight on budget but want to achieve the complete gaming experience. The Phantom 250 performs ruthlessly until 8 hours, after which it takes refuge in the 300 mAh charging case, which gives you another 30 hours of playback. The Phantom 250 also soars amongst its competitors, in regard to the ergonomic design and comfy fit of the earbuds. The sleek and spectacular case design evokes the gamer vibe and visual lights help you track the battery of the case with ease. 

It also comes with Gaming Mode with 40 ms latency, IPX5 Sweat and Water Resistance. All in all, A worthy underdog in the list. It’s worth ₹1399. 

Big Billion Days Offer-  ₹699

Now we arrive at the end of this list, a little wiser we hope in terms of what Earphones would suit you. Kudos on finishing the article and follow us on our socials for more updates and interesting insight into gizmo and tech.