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Black Friday Sale 60% Off on All Products

Wings Make In India

Wings Make In India

All of us at Wings have a new reason to be prouder of our company. No, it’s not our exemplary products, it’s not our revolutionary low latency, it’s not another gamer we signed to push the gaming industry into a better space, nope. It’s none of those.

Wings is a company which takes pride in the gamers of our beloved country. We want to increase the crop of gamers we have in our country, quantitatively and qualitatively. Wings has always been pushing the infrastructure of gaming within India either directly via our own products or indirectly through campaigns or support and exposure for gaming.

Now we went above and beyond to push our infrastructure as Wings is finally a Make in India company!!

Yes, you read that right.

We are partnering with Optiemus Electronics, a domestic electronics manufacturing company, in order to produce its assortment of goods in India. Wings would be able to achieve 100% Make in India manufacturing of its line of products, including sound bars, speakers, keyboards, and virtually all other gaming and computer peripherals, as a result of this programme. The state-of-the-art production facility of Optiemus Electronics in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, which currently has the capacity of 1.5 million TWS earbuds a month, will be of tremendous benefit to the relationship in a number of significant ways.

The cooperation will first focus on the creation of TWS earbuds, but over the course of the next few months it will also begin production of soundbars, speakers, keyboards, and virtually every other type of gaming and computer device.


Our esteemed CEO had this to say about the initiative.

Mr. Nishit Sharma, CEO of Wings , “Ever since our first product itself, our consumers have looked up to us with greater expectations. Wings’ audio and gaming gear are one of the best in their respective segments and we aim to give our customers more than what they love and deserve. Till now, we have sourced our products manufactured from overseas sources, but with the great initiative by PM Modi being an inspiration to thousands of Indian businesses now we want to become completely independent and manufacture our products, right here in UP, India. We want our Indian Gamers to have resources made from their own country and use something they can be extremely proud of.”

The government of India had launched “Make in India" with the goals of incentivizing corporations to make dedicated investments in manufacturing and encouraging enterprises to develop, manufacture, and assemble their goods in India.  The goal of the policy approach was to open up new markets to the participation of foreign capital, establish an infrastructure that is both modern and effective, and create an atmosphere that is favourable to investment. The project sought to "convert India into a worldwide design and manufacturing export hub," and its targets included 25 different economic sectors for the purpose of employment creation and the improvement of skills.

It has always been a part of our vision to start manufacturing in India as we would like our gamers to hold in their hands something which has been made in their own country and something that makes them feel joyful to be a part of a legacy.  We are so glad we did this initiative sooner than we thought.

Now, if you want to be part of an initiative that is true to the country, Buy Wings.

GG’s and Keep Playing !!