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Wings x GodLike

Wings x GodLike

Two Titans of Gaming have teamed up! 

Official Limited Edition Collectibles from Team GodLike | Wings x GodLike Limited Edition TWS Earphones

Well, well, well. It’s safe to assume you are a true GodLike fan if you’re here. You won’t be disappointed to know that Wings has teamed up with GodLike to create the first-of-its-kind Limited Edition Merch. We have always wanted to make gaming in India more exciting and fresh and when the opportunity presented itself, we didn’t want to let it go. This was a win-win-win scenario for all the parties involved. 

  1. GodLike gets products worthy of their gameplay
  2. Wings revolutionises the gaming scene with a first ever Esports team oriented merch
  3. You, the Gamers have a chance to show your support to GodLike and truly be #DilSeGodLike

The Collab isn’t all sizzle and no steak. We had inputs from their team and the product that has emerged is one borne out of thought, passion and finesse. 

Well out of the hardship, comes the gifts of glory. 

We proudly present to you, 


Here are the Phantom, Phantom Pro and Phantom 500 GodLike editions.

Each of the GodLike Products have their own unique abilities and specifications in the hopes that you wouldn’t find them meh. 

The Phantom comes with 30+ hours of playtime and the Gaming Mode gives you 50ms of low latency to play around with. It has bluetooth 5.3 and Type C fast charging so you can get back in the game ASAP. 


The Phantom Pro is a beast with longer playback of 40 hour and 12 mm drivers for you to indulge your senses in game. Along with these gamer-centric features, it includes Gaming Mode with 50 ms Low Latency and MEMS mics for clearer commands.


The Phantom 500 is for the gamers who are hyper alert as it comes with Gaming Mode capable of lowering the latency to a super low of 40ms. It boasts a power potential of 30 hours, a 10 metre radius and Bluetooth 5.1 for an all round gamer experience.

Well in hindsight, it seems that if anyone in the country had to do a collab with an Esports team, It’d be Wings. The innovativeness and the incredible execution of this sort of unique idea has to be Wings and GodLike. The pieces just fit right. Wings has the zeal, the confidence to pull this off, and the energy to push this through and make it work. We were prepared to do anything for the Gaming Scene and this was the perfect opportunity to show our resolve and our unique vision. 

Now that we’re here, what are you waiting for? GRAB THE GODLIKE PRODUCTS! There are only a few left !! Get them and ammo up like a pro !