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Technical Specification

Name :
Phantom 550
Truely Wireless Earbuds
Everyone’s always busy talking about the journey. Do this, dare that, listen to, yada yada yada. No one talks about the fact that you’ve arrived. We want you to feel like your time is now. We want you to believe that world’s your stage. It’s no longer just about the hustle. You’ve got to own it.!
Bluetooth 5.3
Product Details
Bluetooth Version: V5 3
Effective Distance: 15m
Impedance: 32Ω
Product Weight: 44g
Speaker Size: 13mm
Total Play Time: About 45 Hours
Earbuds Play Time: About 10 Hours
Talk Time: About 40 Hours
Standby Time: About 300 Hours
Complete Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
Earbuds Charging Time: 1 Hour
Rated Input: 5V/1A
Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz
Water and Sweat Resistant: IPX5
Charging Port: Type-C

Customer Reviews

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Can I charge the case while the earphones are inside being charged ?
Yes, You can simultaneously charge the case while the earphones are in the case charging.
Can I charge the case with my mobile phone charger ?
If your mobile phone charging adapter is a 5V/1A adapter, you can use this adapter. Otherwise it is not recommended to use.
How can I play and pause tracks while listening to music ?
You can double tap on any touch sensor to pause or play music. The Phantom 550 comes with multiple intuitive touch sensitive features similar to this that allow you go through your day conveniently.
How long does it take to charge ?
The earbuds take one hour for full charge and they give 10 hours of playtime. The case takes 90 minutes for full charge after which they give you a whopping playtime of 45 hours.
Is it good for long jogging/workout sessions ?
Yes. You can easily go on those long runs or lengthy workouts as the Phantom 550 comes with IPX5 Sweat and Water Resistance to ensure their durability in such scenarios.
Is the bass good on these earphones ?
Yes. The bass is amazing as the Phantom 550 uses 13 mm drivers to achieve a very good bass and music experience.
Does it use a Type A wire or Type C wire for Charging ?
The Phantom 550 uses a Type C wire for better charging capability.
How do I turn them on/off manually ?
Long press on the touch sensor for 5 seconds on the earphones to turn them off or on manually.
How will I know how much battery charge is remaining on the earphones ?
In the Bluetooth settings of your device, The battery percentage will be mentioned. It is also visible to view the same in the notifications tab of your device.
How much lag is there in these earphones ?
There is no lag in the Phantom 550, plus the earphones have a Gaming Mode which cuts the latency to 50 ms.
Can I connect the earphones to my phone only ?
No. The Phantom 550 comes with Bluetooth 5.2 technology so there is compatibility with Laptop and PC’s and any device which supports Bluetooth 5.2 or older.
How long do the earphones last ?
The earphones have an enormous playtime of 10 hours. Along with the charging case it’s a whopping playtime of 45 hours.
Does Voice Assistant respond to commands even when connected to the earphones ?
Yes. Your respective voice assistant in your device will respond to your queries even while connected. To activate your voice assistant, just long press the left earbud for 2 seconds.