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Product Highlights

Technical Specification

Name :
Flobuds 100
Product Details
Bluetooth Version: V5.3
Effective Distance: 15m
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Product Weight: 40g
Speaker Size: 13mm
Total Play Time: Upto 50 Hours
Earbuds Play Time: Upto 10 Hours
Talk Time: Upto 45 Hours
Standby Time: Upto 300 Hours
Complete Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
Earbuds Charging Time: 1 Hour
Rated Input: 5V/1A
Frequency: 20Hz~20KHz
Water and Sweat Resistant: IPX5
Charging Port: Type-C

Customer Reviews

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How do I check the battery level on the Flobuds 100?
The Flobuds 100 come with a convenient digital battery display that allows you to easily track the earbuds' battery level at a glance.
What is Smart ENC, and how does it enhance my listening experience?
Smart ENC stands for Environmental Noise Cancellation, a technology that reduces background noise, providing crystal-clear sound quality for an immersive music experience without distractions.
What are the high-fidelity drivers in Flobuds 100, and what kind of sound can I expect?
The Flobuds 100 are equipped with 13 mm high-fidelity drivers, ensuring rich and immersive sound, delivering unparalleled audio quality for your enjoyment.
How long can I use the Flobuds 100 before needing to recharge them?
With an impressive total playtime of up to 50 hours, including 10 hours of continuous playback on the earbuds themselves, you can enjoy uninterrupted wireless music for hours on end.
Can I use the Flobuds 100 for gaming?
Absolutely! The Flobuds 100 feature a dedicated game mode with incredibly low latency of up to 40 ms, ensuring seamless audio synchronization during gaming sessions, giving you a competitive edge.
What is the Bluetooth range of the Flobuds 100?
The Flobuds 100 offer an extended Bluetooth range of up to 15 meters, allowing you to move freely while staying connected to your device.
How fast does the Flobuds 100 recharge, and what charging method does it use?
The Flobuds 100 support fast Type-C charging, ensuring quick and efficient power replenishment for your wireless earbuds.
Are the Flobuds 100 suitable for sports and outdoor activities?
The earbuds have a Type-C charging port.
How do I control the Flobuds 100?
You can take full control of your audio experience with the fully touch-sensitive controls on the earbuds, allowing you to adjust volume, change tracks, answer calls, and activate voice assistants effortlessly.
Which voice assistants are supported by the Flobuds 100?
The Flobuds 100 support various voice assistants, including Siri, Google Assistant, and others, allowing you to access your preferred voice assistant with a simple touch on the earbuds.
What is AAC codec support, and how does it improve audio quality?
AAC codec support enhances audio quality and sound reproduction on the Flobuds 100, ensuring a premium listening experience with improved clarity and fidelity.
Tell me more about the design of the charging case for Flobuds 100.
The charging case of the Flobuds 100 features an ergonomic design, providing a secure and comfortable solution to carry and protect your wireless earbuds with style.