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Phantom 500

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Ch. Arun Kumar

Phantom 500

AnuJ Gupta

Phantom 500

Nitish Rajoria

Nice sound

Md Sumer Uddin

I am disappointed there don't have AAC acceptio i need software updates for earbuds

Worth The Buck

The earphones are of really good quality with great sound and bass though then tend to come of the ear themselves. Can cause pain in the ear due to prolonged use....


Is Wings Phantom 500 water resistant?
Yes. Wings Phantom 500 comes with IPX5 water and sweat resistance, which means you, can use them in rains and light splashes. However, you cannot submerge them in water so you cannot swim wearing them.
What is the total playtime of Wings Phantom 500?
One single charge of earbuds provides 8 hours playtime. With the charging case total playtime is 30 hours.
Can I use any one earbuds as a single earbuds?
Yes, you can take any one earbuds out of the case and that earbuds will connect to your phone. If during single earbuds usage, you want to use the other one also, you can take out the other earbuds from the case and both earbuds will auto pair with each other.
During calls, is the voice audible from both earbuds?
Yes, you can hear the voice through both earbuds on call.
How to pick up an incoming Call on Wings Phantom 500?
To pick up an incoming call, just tab once on left or right earbud.
How to reject an incoming call on Wings Phantom 500?
To reject an incoming call, just long press on left or right earbud.
How to Launch Voice Assistant on Wings Phantom 500?
To launch voice assistant just long press on right earbud for 2 sec.
How many mics are there in total?
There are 4 mics. 2 mic in each earbud.
How can I see the battery level of the earbuds?
Firstly, your earbuds need to be connected to your mobile or laptop. Go to the Bluetooth settings in your device. The battery percentage remaining will be mentioned next to your earbuds pairing name.
How will I know when the charging case is fully charged?
When fully charged, the charging case lights will go into always ON mode with.
Does it have active noise cancellation?
No. Wings Phantom 500 provides Passive Noise Cancellation through snug fit of the earbuds into the ear cavity to block out surrounding noise.
Is Wings Phantom 500 compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows on Laptop?
Yes, it is compatible with all operating systems including mobile, laptop, desktop and tabs.
Does Wings Phantom 500 have any lag issue while gaming?
No, Wings phantom does not have any lag issue while gaming. It does have gaming mode, which is built for professional gaming and the latency that wings phantom has is the minimum, which is 40 ms.
How to switch ON/OFF Gaming Mode on Wings Phantom 500?
To turn ON gaming mode on Wings Phantom 500, Just Long press on the left earbud . Long press again to Switch OFF the Gaming mode.
How to reset Wings Phantom 500?
To reset Wings Phantom 500, please refer to the “Resetting the device” section of the user manual. User manual is available in the “Customer Support” section of the wings lifestyle website.